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Ms. AxInt - the new side-project of Kera Nagel from Hamburg, is also known as one half of the award-winning AV-duo incite/.
On stage, Ms. Axint combines live-camera shots with recordings she has prepared beforehand into imaginative realtime-visuals. In her first live performance „Phase Shifting“ layers of different meaning are blended with each other: abstract structures metamorphose into matter, and things into patterns. Moiré-effects transform to moving staircases, water bubbles dissolve into ornaments. The visuals are deeply matching her distorted atmospheric ambient music and guide the audience into psychedelic spheres.


Videos and Pics:


- 2000-2007 AV-solo productions and concerts as axiomatic integration
- since 2002 live visuals and electronics with duo incite/, including many live- performances, several releases and awards
- since 2003 teaching electronic music, new media, motion graphics and digital arts in Hamburg
- 2004-2010 co-running the audiounit series of experimental music
- 2012-2015 wild electro and dubstep DJane-sets
- since 2014 co-running monthly Re:Fokus events of audiovisual art
- since 2016 audiovisual productions and live-concerts as Ms. AxInt
- since 2017 live visuals and electronics with trio THDN


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